Not Your Typical Bed in a Bag Bedroom

Welcome and happy Wednesday guys! I am so happy to be half way through the week and just a few days away from Easter. My kiddos love Easter and I am really looking forward to some quality family time! We are not getting our feet wet today but instead just jumping right into our topic.

Today’s post features the room we catch some Z’s in. I had a before photo to share but to be honest, it’s just a picture of the room in a different color and all the furniture shoved in the middle of it. It was basically a room that was not visually pleasing in anyway. It functioned but it was ehhh, blahh…..

We finally got around to painting the darn thing as we had a change of heart on the original color with picked five years ago. I have slowly been piecing it together over the last few months. This space says a lot about who I am and my preferred style. I like a room that has a little bit of everything. Eclectic yet cozy, and soft but bold. Some old, some new and in this case some blue too!


Right off the bat you can see a nice mix of textures most of that coming from the bedding. The quilt lays flat, which l love, but offers a nice visual with the texturized stitching. It gives it a classy touch in my opinion. All the bedding pieces are from different stores. Sometimes it’s beneficial and more cost effective to mix and match it.


I think pillows can really make the difference to any space. If you are trying to do a cost effective update in a room, I always suggest changing out your pillows! You should have seen the amount of pillows I originally came home with. Sometimes you just have to provide yourself with as many options as you can upfront and then just play around. I man handled these pillows for HOURS before I found the right ones that gave off the vibe I was going for. The lace detail on the euros softens the bolder accent pillows up front. Not to mention, they are super comfy.


Now for the sweet hanging lights! I LOVE these lights and the fact that they were passed down to me from Chad’s grandparents make them even more special. For me, they are the most important accessory in the room. And yes, I decided to not hang them even as the blue one is larger and demands more attention. As you will see next, Chad’s side of the bed has heavier nightstand décor to help balance what is happening on my side, and remember, everything does not have to be symmetrical all the time. I like my fair share of symmetry but don’t be afraid to live outside of that symmetric box. Give it a try; it’s a lot fun out here!

sidesMy sideChads side

Each nightstand offers its own delicate yet bold décor. We have the texture of wood but the shine of metals. Each side also has a picture of our spouse.  I saw this in a friend of mine’s bedroom years ago and I really fell in love with the idea. I like rolling over and seeing the photo first thing in the morning. And then I get to roll over in the other direction and see him in real life! 🙂 Chad’s current photo is a temporary one however. I am trying to find my disc with my favorite photo of him on it. He isn’t too jazzed about this one but I still love the smile he has here.


Now this sofa, I don’t think I will ever let go of it! The first week Chad and I were married we went to a thrift shop and fell in love with this sofa. It cost $300 and we purchased it with wedding gift money! It was our first purchase as a married couple. Probably not the smartest choice as this thing is really long and we had no place to put it. Thankfully my parents let us store it at their house for a good while.

random decor

The last set of photos above is just little detail pieces here and there. I must say, those curtains don’t get enough credit but they are so beautiful in person and give off a nice shimmer.

So where did I get all of the pieces for this space? Target, TJ Maxx, Magnolia Market, local thrift shop, World Market, Bed Bath & Beyond, Joss & Main, Lowes, Home Goods, Arhaus and most importantly, passed down from our family. Those types of pieces are always my favorite as they come with a story.

There is no right or wrong way to shop. I save money, I sell old pieces, I shop bargains, wait for things to go on sale, splurge on some favorites, and take things back I thought would work but just don’t. We all have different budgets we have to work with, but there is always a way to make things work and/or change things up a bit. It might not be easy, but with a little effort I think you can pull off something you can be proud of!

Thanks for stopping by everyone!

Until next time….. PEACE In, Grace OUT!

3 thoughts on “Not Your Typical Bed in a Bag Bedroom

  1. LOVE the colors you used in this bedroom! It’s very calming and inviting and the gold accents make you feel like it’s really luxurious! I had never thought to put framed art as a backdrop behind bedside tables but love how they look here!


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