Starting Fresh in the New Year

Its 2018! It’s a fresh new year, but it is also really cold outside so none of us want to get out of our pajamas just yet. I am currently in the struggle of removing all that was Christmas and putting our house back in order. While doing so, I cannot help but think about the beginning of a new start for all of us. What will the New Year bring, what new adventures will we have and what new risks will we take? This post isn’t going to be heavy on resolutions and such, but I will say I do plan to follow through with my creative thoughts a little bit more. There is constantly a mouse running on a creative wheel in my head. A lot of times I notice the mouse but quiet her down and let the daily tasks of life take over. I’m going to let the ideas spinning from that wheel come to life on more occasions. I mean why not?!

This leads me to my first creative wheel spin of the year. It’s a small one but I still think it counts. While pulling out all of my everyday home décor, like most women, I felt the need for a change. I know this to be true because as I was contemplating what to do, I got a text with photos from a friend who was in the middle of trying to revamp her living room at the same time! It feels good to have a little change and a fresh start from time to time. I don’t know about you, but my budget does not allow for new purchases every time I want a change. So what is left to do? Create your change!

Here is a small example of a little update I added to my living room space. I love this wooden piece. Its earthy, has texture and it hangs over my fireplace.


Even though I love it as is, I have been looking for a way to bring in a little pop of a pizazz into the room. I decided to whip out some gilders paste. This particular one I really love because it has hints of both gold and silver in it depending on lighting.


You cannot have fear with gilders paste. You just have to commit and hope for a nice result on the other side. My favorite tool to apply it is my fingers. My index finger is used for applying while my middle and ringer finger are used for blending. I switch back in forth depending on how heavy I need the blend, etc.

finger application

After making my way all around the piece without looking back with regret, tadaaaaaa! She is done. She has a little shimmer to her now and she has not lost all of her natural earthy feel or texture. It adds a nice pop without getting too risky and it still leaves space for further changes throughout the room if I decide to do so.

decor6decor 7

And best of all, it was cost effective and filled my need for change! Look around your house and see what you can update! Maybe you don’t have any paint products but you can sew. Sew up some new pillow covers! I can barely sew up a hole in a shirt so that option is out for me. 🙂 BUT I did do a trade last year for a mini sewing machine so I have no excuse not to learn.

Have a wonderful 2018 my friends! Let’s create, learn, grow and love each other like never before!

Until til next time… PEACE In, Grace OUT!

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