Be Our Guest… Bedroom!

Welcome back! Today I am bringing you a small project I have been working on. I have a client/friend that’s been wanting to get her guestroom up to par for quite some time now. She is not from Texas so she often has family that stays with her. Sure she has a bed for them to sleep on but she wants a space she can be proud of as well as a cozy spot where her guests can escape and relax. So here is what we started with.


See that bed? That’s it. That was the guestroom. Now, let’s not be hard on her as she and her family have only been in their new house a little over a year AND they a baby so they are quite busy! Not to mention their two older children. Momma has a lot on her plate. Anyway, we decided to move the guest bedroom across the hall and make this room, the one in the photo, one of her kiddo’s rooms. What did the other room look like before we started? It was basically four walls, a window and the bed in the photo.

So where to start? First and foremost, decide on a budget! It’s so easy to over spend when decorating/designing a room. If you have no budget, fantastic! I can’t hate you for that. However, a lot of people need to stick to a budget so they are not eating ramen noodles for weeks after a room makeover!

For this room we decided on a budget of $500. Right off the bat that might sound like a lot of money for one room but it can go so quickly. First on the list to suck up some of the money, PAINT! Paint is not cheap and this room got a fresh coat and new color. Something else that can take a chunk of money is furniture. Thankfully we only had two main pieces come in, dresser and headboard, but it still pulled a nice chunk of money. And have y’all priced bedding lately? It adds up quickly! A few things we used that were already in the home and/or didn’t have a designated “home” were the mattress, curtains and rod, lamp, basic sheets, side table and a few décor pieces. I want to mention that so you have a good idea of how the money was spent. Now, let’s say you already have a headboard and dresser. That amount could go a lot further on other detailed aspects of the room. It all depends on what you have in place, if anything, and what you need or want. Our grand total for this room ended up being $437 and who doesn’t love coming in under budget?

So…. Here is what we can up with!






guest bedroom1


In case you didn’t notice, somebody is from Louisiana! The blush glitter art fit perfectly in this room. The client is a lover of geodes so we made sure to incorporate accents throughout the room. The geode art pieces above the bed were actually made versus bought and boy did we searched hard for the right kind of geode slices! The geode pillow was also something the client really loved and we were able to add it in the mix for a soft but bold accent on the bed.


The room was kept light and not over stuffed so there would be room for luggage, but it also has some free space in the event that the client wants to budget for a change or new piece! The new guestroom has already had two visitors. Both of which stayed in the previous guestroom. They loved the changes and were very pleased to stay in a room that felt like it had a purpose.  

Last but not least, where did we shop for this space? We hit up Target, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Ross, World Market and Anthropologie. It was a good mix of stores and price points. Don’t be afraid to invest some time and shop for deals. Make a plan, shop your heart out and create something you love! At the end of the day, it’s your house and your opinion matters most! 🙂

School is about to start so I am in full prep mode for that. I hope to have another post for you guys soon. The reno house is coming along! We have had to do a lot of jumping around while waiting on particular products and such, but something is always happening over there. I can’t wait to share some of the reno goodness.

Til next time… PEACE In, Grace OUT!

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