Half Bath, Full Headache

Welcome back everyone. Today I present to you the smallest room in our current live in reno house, the downstairs half bath. As I have talked about before, we currently live in a townhome we purchased with the intention of flipping and either renting or selling. Right now it will still be a rental. Anyway, it’s a live in, with a “do as you go” budget, so it’s taking us sometime. This home quickly went from needing cosmetic upgrades into the rebuilding of the majority of the home from the inside out. Anyone who knows me well knows that the process has been dreadful and though I am use to living with it, I refused for a long time to have people over. Seriously. Most of my family has not been inside this house and those that have come, immediate family, don’t come often. Just this past year has been the first time most people have come to my home and that was mainly because I had a baby and well, they wanted to come over and love on him. So we got over it and people have come. Since then we have actual floors so that’s a big deal!

Anyway, I mention all of this because there is only one bathroom downstairs, which is the half bath. So when people come over this is the bathroom they use. This bathroom was a small nightmare. Besides it being old and dated, when we took one of the mirrors out it exposed a giant hole in the sheetrock. Long story short, we gutted the whole thing. I searched forever for a photo of this bathroom before it was gutted but I could not find it. BUT, to give you an idea of the vibes this bathroom was giving out, here is a photo of the entry way it connects to.

Entry. Thankfully it no longer looks like this.

Yes, old and gross. And not just gross based on being outdated, it was literally disgusting. Here are some photos of it once we got all the walls down.Half bath before 2
Half Bath BeforeFor the longest time, once the walls went back up, this room only had a toilet. It was a brand new squeaky clean toilet but no sink. Oh, but there was a cute chandelier! It was still this way when people came to meet Lex when he was born. I was adjusted to it being this way but when someone had to go to the bathroom I would have to say, “Sure it’s right here but you have to wash your hands in the kitchen.” It’s funny now that I think of it but it was slightly embarrassing in the moment.

This last winter we finally got a sink and floor and I have been able to polish it off slowly. I have been changing décor stuff around in there for months now. I shared a few photos of it on my Facebook page back then but I feel like it’s finally done and I can move on. Here is what I came up with. Forgive me for the mediocre photos. This space is like a dungeon with no light entering other than from the chandelier. That and my youngest was in his highchair having a snack so it was go time and I did what I could in ten minutes! All of the spotting shadows are from the chandelier crystals. 🙂IMG_5799IMG_5805

This beauty is from World Market. I use the top drawer for clean hand towels, the middle for toilet paper so my guests are never left in a situation, and the third for dirty hand towels. If you look closely in the main photo you can see its time for laundry! Minimal towels are in the first drawer and the third is a little more full.
This is the piece on the wall the door opens up to. Sort of hard to see exactly what it is in the main photo.
We were very pleased with this vanity. It can be scary ordering something site unseen but the product turned out great!
The details.

Everything in here is a mix of bargain shopping and/or purchased with a coupon. My pockets aren’t deep so I always shop the sales first or wait patiently until things go on sale. We have a mix of items from Lowes, Home Depot, Home Goods, Magnolia Market, World Market, Target, TJ Maxx, and Discount Bathroom Vanities. Decorating for a decent price can be done! It might take a little extra time and patience but don’t feel like it’s impossible. If you don’t need to bargain shop, that’s awesome! We can’t hate you for that! 😉 Regardless, don’t be afraid to mix and match. Sometimes I see an array of items at one store that I love but I try to mix things a bit so my spaces don’t look too much like a specific showroom for one store. But most importantly when decorating your space, do you love it? It’s your house; you have to live in there so your opinion is what matters most! I personally like spaces that offer little design surprises here and there so I try to make sure and add corky pieces/accents that are fun for me.

I added the feathers above the mirror so that when I wash my hands and look in the mirror, I feel like I am wearing a head dress! 🙂

Thanks for stopping by again. Hope you leave with a little inspiration to decorate your spaces at home or change things up for a new look! I have another room in our live in reno to share soon and a bathroom from the reno house should be ready to show in the coming weeks. I’m really excited to see that one come together.

Til next time… PEACE In, Grace OUT!

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